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Q.  What is Indoor Percussion?

A.  Indoor Percussion is a competitive activity very similar to what marching bands and drum corps do on a football field with two notable exceptions:  performances take place in a gymnasium on a covered basketball floor and the performers play PERCUSSION.

Q.  Where does the name NEXUS come from?

A.  Nexus is defined as 1) A means of connection; 2) A connected series or group; and 3) The core or center.  The NEXUS Indoor Percussion group is comprised of students from various high schools and colleges in the Chicagoland area.  By it’s very existance, NEXUS brings students from different programs together to form connections and become the core of something greater than themselves.

Q.  When and where does the group rehearse?

A.  NEXUS Indoor rehearsals generally take place on Sundays beginning in November with the Auditions.  The rehearsals are almost always held on Sundays as that day of the week generally had the least number of conflicts with school activities for the members.  The group has the privilege of rehearsing at Providence Catholic High School, in New Lenox, IL.

Q.  How much does it cost to participate in NEXUS?

A.  Tuition for the 2015 season of NEXUS Indoor Percussion is still being determined, however our goal is to provide a cost effective and educationally rewarding experience for every member.  The tuition covers a variety of eductional and logistical expenses such as Equipment and Supplies, Show Design (music and visual), Instructional Staff, Rehearsal facilities, Equipment Transport, Uniforms, and other elements that will enhance the overall experience and contribute to the success of the show.

Q.  Are there age limits to perform with NEXUS?

A.  Yes.  The general age limit for performers in NEXUS are 14-22 years of age as of March 31st.  This means that a performer must not have reached their 23rd birthday by Midnight, April 1.  As we perform in contests that utilize the same rules as, or are directly governed by, Winter Guard International (WGI), we must adhere to the WGI eligibility requirements.  Certain exceptions may be made for an exceptional musician younger than 14 at the sole discretion of the NEXUS directors.

Q.  What about school activities?

A.  Academics and school music programs will always come first.  NEXUS Indoor rehearsals are scheduled primarily on Sundays (and almost always on weekends) specifically for this purpose.  Similarly, a rehearsal/performance with your school band, graduation ceremonies, prom, and end-of-year banquets for school music programs are acceptable conflicts for missing a NEXUS rehearsal or event.  The one exception to this is the final performance for NEXUS at the WGI World Championships held in Dayton, Ohio.  This is a multi-day event that takes place in April beginning on Thursday and ending on Saturday.  Arrangements for missed school would need to be made on this occasion only.  The 2015 dates are April 9-11.

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